About this blog

The boy & I in Paris (with the girl in my tummy)

The boy & a heavily pregnant self in Paris

Four years ago with a new baby and a six year old son I decided to risk it all and leave my job, start a business with my husband…. and homeschool (And go to Paris for 6 months) Yes I bit of more than I could chew, as I always seem to, but it’s been an amazing amazing adventure. I wanted to write a blog exploring the journey of living a life away from ‘normal live’ and getting away the things that were making be deeply unhappy in my previous life – insane amounts of stress, work, rushing and a lack of creativity. Our business is growing, our family life has radically improved as a direct result of homeschooling (lots more fun, peace and adventures) and I completely completely love what we are creating – as a business and as family.

Why we love home-schooling….We have been finding the main stream education system very limiting. The mountains of homework, constant testing and focus on fitting into a pre-prescribed box of skills (‘the national average’) has created a lot of stress in our little boy. We believe that it isn’t giving our son the skills he will need in this brave new world of ours – it’s a one-size-fits-all education system doesn’t take into account the amazing range of skills that we humans can develop, given the opportunity.  We think there is a different path – one that fuels his passion for learning that doesn’t assign every piece of knowledge to a test. Learning is a life long adventure and I don’t want him thinking it’s only worth doing if there is a test at the end of it. We want for him an education that creates constant opportunities to learn, create and develop his unique skills. We want to follow his interests so that is passion for learning continues to grow, as well as offering up our guidance and inspiration.  We are extremely happy and lucky that we can choose a different educational path – obviously it’s going to bring amazing amounts of challenges; working, living and learning together aren’t going to be plain sailing for a family of independent spirits. So for all the family, it’s a new adventure in many ways.


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  1. I really love this picture! The French aren’t so used to being photographed in public and it seems to me the lines of eyesight are a consequence of this. I need to post more photos of our HE trips to Paris…

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